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MYP1 Science mini project - World of Taste
Date: 18-04-17

In the two weeks after the May holiday 8/5- 19/5 MYP1 will be treated to a special mini project on the “World of Taste” during their science lessons. This project will be run by Miho Hosobuchi.

This project will mean that the pupils will have  a slight timetable change in these two weeks and it will entail that they will have to be at school for extra lessons as follows:


  • On Monday 8/5 both groups N and Q will have science together during lesson 6 (no change other than that the two groups have their lesson in the same room)
  • On Thursday 11/5 group Q will join group N during their science lessons 6 and 7 (Q normally go home then, but now they will stay)
  • On Friday 12/5 group N will join group Q during their science lessons 6 and 7 (group N normally go home then but now they will stay)
  • On Monday 15/5 both groups N and Q will have science together during lesson 6 (no change other than that the two groups have their lesson in the same room)
  • On Thursday 18/5 both groups N and Q will miss their French lesson 5 and will go on the outing to the Kikkoman factory, as described in a previous mail. Group Q will have a longer day till approximately 14:45, after which both groups can go home. Group N always stay till 15:00 and so for them this will not be different.

Please note these changes down in your agenda’s. As from 22/5/17 the lessons will be as normal again.

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