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Absence from school


The International School Groningen has a top priority to ensure the safety of your child. Therefore its essential that we know if they are to be expected at school so that we can take action when absences are unexplained. Its absolutely vital that we are informed on the same day when your child is ill, or when there is an unexpected delay or emergency that prevents your child from coming to school. If you know, in advance, that your child will be away please inform us, well in time! Please read this information carefully and keep us informed!


Letter to parents regarding attendance: (Nov 2016)

Attendance Letter 2016.pdf

School rules about coming in late.pdf


Vacation Dates: click here



Attendance policy:


The ISG is an IGVO (Internationaal Georiënteerd Voortgezet Onderwijs) school and therefore we abide by the regulations for school attendance as all Dutch secondary schools.


These regulations are explained in our policy - see here.


  • If your child is ill or cannot get to school due to travel delays, or other family emergency, please telephone us before 09.00.


  • Absence due to medical appointment (doctor/dentist) can be requested (a minimum of one day in advance) by email to the school ( These absences are a maximum of one school day.


  • All students are expected to be present on all days outside of the publish holiday / in-service days. In certain extreme circumstances a request for absence for your child during term term (all time outside of the published vacation dates) may be made. In these cases please complete the (pdf) form below and either send it with your child, by post or, alternatively, email the electronic version directly to the school ( All requests must be submitted at least two school weeks in advance of the absence.


Please note that requests for vacation time due to cheaper flights or other similar circumstances will not be approved. Where an employer enforces vacation outside of the published school holidays a request for absence must be accompanied by a letter from the employer supporting this.


To request absence:


Request for special leave form.pdf (for post)

electronic version (.docx, office 2007/10) (for email)


Your son/daughter must collect appropriate lesson material. To facilitate this they need to complete an assignment form. This should be printed and given to your child two weeks in advance of your departure. Paper copies are also available from the school reception (Esserberg).


special leave assignment form.pdf


Please note that students with continuing absence due to illness or absences that are unexplained will be required to have consultation with either the school doctor or the school attendance officer, or, in same cases both. In these rare cases parents will of course first be informed by the school uisng email and followed up by a telephone call.


Leaving the school


Parents of students who intend to leave the school permanently must complete the following form, where possible, at least three months prior to departure. Student Withdrawal Form.pdf


Please return the form to the school.


Parents requiring official school documentation must give at least two weeks notice for this documentation to be produced.

Please also be aware that copies of reports dating back more than a year may take considerably longer.


Further legal information regarding leaving the school can be found here.





Please note: where there is conflicting information the online calendar takes preference.

Please confirm any queries or concerns before booking holidays with