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Welcome to the new school year!


Information Evenings 2015-16


At the start of the school year we have two information evenings for all parents of MYP1-5


Please find copies of our presentations below:




MYP for MYP1-3 Parents 2015 short.pdf




MYP for MYP4-5 Parents 2015.pdf


MYP5: MYP5 Parents Introduction Evening.pdf


MYP4: MYP4 Parents Introduction Evening 2015.pdf



The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme - IBMYP


This is a brief summary of the MYP at the International School Groningen. For further details please also visit our MYP website:


What is the MYP?


The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme:

  • is for students aged 11 – 16
  • is a challenging framework for the taught curriculum

The MYP is not what is taught.

The MYP is the way that it is taught.


MYP makes a difference:


It brings international mindedness to the forefront of education:

  • students understand and work with other cultures


It encourages a positive attitude to learning:

  • students are challenged
  • students are creative
  • students participate actively in their communities


It reflects real life:

  • students see the links between subjects and the real life issues in their community


It encourages communication:

  • students are presenters
  • students are reflective
  • students are expressive
  • students are critical thinkers


Assessment in MYP


  1.  Assessment is criterion based - looking at different skills within a piece of work.
  2.  Feedback is given to students which informs them of their strengths, weaknesses and, of course, how to improve.


What subjects can be taken?



Each student will take at least one subject from each of the following groups:


    * Language & Literature (mother tongue): English, Dutch
    * Language Acquisition (second language): English, Dutch, French
    * Humanities: Integrated Humanities (compulsory) and Economics
    * Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    * Mathematics
    * Design: Product Design
    * Visual Arts
    * Physical and Health Education


To achieve an IBO accredited certificate students must also attend the final year of an approved MYP programme, attain a minimum requirement in MYP formal (e-assessemnt) examination in MYP5, complete to a satisfactory level the Personal Project (MYP4/5) and  and comply in full to the Action & Service requirements laid down by the school.


For further information please download our school MYP guide:


Everything about MYP (ISG) 2015.pdf


Documentation from the IBO:




Regulations for assessment 2016.pdf



This is a brief summary of the MYP at the International School Groningen. For further details please also visit our MYP website: