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DP student attends University Drugs Masterclass


Masterclass ʻBeing a drug designer for two daysʼ


Alex Brugman DP1

In March I attended the masterclass ʻBeing a drug designer for two days”, organised by the
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) at Utrecht University. CPS offers a BSc course
in drug development (taught in English) and the masterclass is basically a two day taster


Read More: CPS Masterclass 2014_1.pdf



Regional Activity Project (RAP) 2013




The movie:



The Art group, toghether with our ex-Physics teacher and known artist, Mr. Reimert, made some wonrderful creations which can viewed here..  


Their final product:



The link with Science:


In addition, our Science-Art workshop has made the headlines in Friesland!! See external link



MYP4 in YPRES - October 2013




Ending with a celebrationary evening at school, on October 8, the pictures and films below reflect the schools' visit and cross curricular project based on Ypres...


Presentation: Read more -  click here


and see the film report  here


and the 'stop motion' film:




and photos here




MYP1-3 in Grolloo


On Monday 11/03/13 MYP 1, 2 and 3 ventured out into the woods  in Grolloo to climb trees. Wearing safety harnesses, warm hats, gloves and scarves, the students worked their way along 5 exciting and challenging obstacle courses high  up in the tree canopy. They had to tackle swinging log bridges, ease  along tight wires,  swing into nets and sail between trees, tarzans tyle, to name just a few of the challenges.  They had fun!!!

It was not plain sailing for all. Being high up above the ground was scary and the mentors walking 10 meters below them had to use all their persuasive powers to egg some students on who suddenly felt they could no longer move forwards or backwards , but courage prevailed! Others had trouble coping with the intense cold and sought refuge in the canteen to warm themselves with a mug of hot chocolate. But we knew the students were having fun when our call for a halt was greeted with moans and groans because they wanted simply to keep climbing!

So despite the freezing weather a great day was had by all! This is certainly something we will do again!


and, of course, the photos show what a great time was had by all... (!)


(click for enlarged versions)



Students write...


  1. At 10:00 am I came to school and met my classmates and other students from MYP1 and MYP3. It was really cold outside, so we wanted to sit in cars that had to bring us to the Grolloo. When everybody came there, I was really exited, and one of the Grolloo workers came to us and began to tell us about rules in Grolloo. Then we were given special instruments for climbing on the obstacles. After that we went through the obstacles. Some of them were really scary, but we were very brave and everyone were happy. After two hours of going through obstacles we went to house that was also in Grolloo to have some food and hot chocolate. It was really exiting to be there, everyone were happy and I hope that we will be there again.
  1. On monday we went to Grolloo it was fun but really cold and we had to wait when somebody couldn't pass an obstacle or was slow. but overall it was fun and challenging
  2. It was very fun to go to Grolloo klimpark, because the obstacles ere challenging. There were only two parts about this trip that I didn't like and that was the weather and having to wait for someone else who either fell off or was having trouble. So it was generally fun and the hot chocolates were delicious.



Why Art?





DP1 in Maastricht: 6,7,8/2/2013


Last week, 19 DP1 students embarked on a four hour journey, through snowy conditions, in order to attend the student-led TOK conference in Maastricht. Challenging activities of the mind were alternated with strenuous physical activities. Our students  are now able to tell you all about what to do in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, what the life of an anarchist should be like, how cultural diversity might lead to different ethical interpretations of the Great Gatsby and that, according to some, “Marx was a hypocrite”. They participated in four workshops, some led by teachers but most by students, and engaged in debates with student representatives from schools in Rome, Flekke (Norway), Maastricht, Luxembourg, The Hague and Eindhoven. Eleven brave students led their own workshop, which were all well-received by workshop participants. We think it was a success and hope our students can participate again next year.





MYP4/5 & DP do London


In November 2012 The studnets of the upper school departed to London...


For a glimpse of what occured read their reports or look at the photos below!!!


  1. Amir.pdf
  2. Beert doc.pdf
  3. Drew doc.pdf
  4. Hannah doc.pdf
  5. LondonTripNewsletter.pdf
  6. Lucas in London.pdf
  7. Pedro.pdf
  8. Willem doc.pdf




Regional Activities Day 15/10/2012.


Every year all the MYP students go on a day’s trip: the Regional Activities Day. The aim of the day is to enjoy and get to know the region a bit better. This year the day focused on Groningen. All students and a group of teachers gathered at one of the most famous statues of Groningen ‘Het peerd van Ome Loeks’. 

The students got a chance to have a look at Groningen from a different angle by enjoying a boat trip through the canals. The sun was shining on all the beautiful buildings, the house boats and other scenery we passed.

There is hardly anything more Dutch than ‘poffertjes’. Although not all students appreciated this typical Dutch treat, it was fun to have lunch together in this nice (and dry) restaurant on the Central Market Square.

The MYP 1 and 2 students enjoyed another view from the top of the Martini Tower. They drew the skyline, some views that stood out to them and tried to find the places they knew, such as school. It was quite a climb, but well worth it.

The students from MYP 3, 4, and 5 went to the University Museum. They got a presentation on ’How to set up an exhibition’ and a tour through the museum. Most students were impressed with the anatomical section and some especially liked the section about aboriginal art.


It was a fun day, where the students learned some more about the city of Groningen. Thanks to the their enthusiasm, the weather and the nice atmosphere that Groningen has to offer, it was a successful day.


From the horse's mouth: what did the students actually say... click here



Click on the screen for full versions...







YPRES 2012



MYP 1 -5 go to Ecomotion!


Students write about their day...


I liked this day because it was different than the others because we did something outside, it was really fun. We went rock climbing, and we did archery, we even catapulted potatoes. The weather was not that great it rained every now and then, but for the rest the day was fun, even the bus ride was epic. The classes were varied from MYP-5, we (MYP) had a group called the saschas and we created a cool flag to go with it. ( it was a cubic person)  My personal favorites of the activities were either potato launching or archery because I was one of the only people to hit the target in archery, and who doesn’t love shooting potatoes from a giant catapult.
Maya Myp3


On the 7th of September 2011 MYP 1,2,3,4 and 5 went to Ecomotion in Kolham by bus.  When we arrived at the place first we had to make a class flag which had our group name on it  We did a lot of things. We went climbing on a climbing wall and we did a game called “strategy” which was fun because there were two teams one blue team and one red team and you had all kind of cards and you had to get the cards of the other team by working together as a group. It was a nice introduction day.
Valerie (MYP 3)  


Introduction day 7th September 2011
MYP 1-5 went to Eco Motion in Kolham by bus. There were medieval decorations and a castle-like building. First, a guide explained to us what we were going to do, and then every MYP class made a flag and a team name. Later we did some fun activities:

  • Card game “Strategy”, where we had BLUE and RED team and we had to attack opponent;
    • Climbing a castle wall- it was kind of hard, we were supporting each other;
      • Archery- we had to shoot arrows in a target;
        • Catapult- we had to shoot potatoes on a distance.

        I liked it, because it was entertaining and fun. Alexey (MYP3)


        MYP1-5 go to Ecomotion!

        On the 7th of September MYP1-5 went to Ecomotion in Kolham. It all started in the morning when an introduction speech was given by Mr.Weston and the classes were sent to their official home room to talk to their mentor. Afterwards everyone stepped into the coach and left for Kolham. Over there we were able to do a variety of activities: Rock Climbing, Catapulting, Strategy and Archery! Most of these activities were focused on making the classes work together in smaller groups, making the students help each other in many ways. Overall the experience was very fun and even though the weather wasn’t too great, it was a good introduction day!
        Ruben (MYP4)


        Photos of the day:





        DP does Salsa!


        On Friday afternoon, at the end of their introduction week, the DP1 and DP2 students enjoyed a salsa and meringue workshop under the supervision of teachers from salsa school Juan Carlos, who taught them the principles of salsa and meringue. It was great fun!!


        the photos say it all...