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Mr Goodijk ( is the Careers Counsellor for the International School Groningen.



Information available at school


In the Esserberg common room: lots of pamphlets and promotional materials from schools and universities, as well as about gap year and summer programmes.


In Z3: bigger publications such as college catalogues


Mr Goodijk: Make an appointment to discuss your ideas and plans.




A note on careers counselling


Careers counselling is based on teamwork. The mentor, subject teachers, careers counsellor, parents and students all work together to ensure that students have all the information and advice they need in order to make the right decisions. The careers choice process that leads to the right decision can be divided into four stages:


1. Orientation. You have no idea at all and expect answers to questions like: What are my interests? What am i good at? Here is an interesting article giving some rather unusual advice on choosing a career.


2. Exploration and elimination. Try to find out what interests you most and which courses in your field of interest meet these preferences. Do you meet the entrance requirements?


3. Going into depth. Check if your idea about these courses is realistic and if they will be the right choice for you.


4. Take the final decision. Prepare and send in your application. Do you still have doubts?



Further information


If you are in MYP4 or 5 and are NOT going to the DP, go to this page for information on other options. 


If you are in DP, go to this page for information on universities.




Don´t forget feel free to make an appointment with Mr. Goodijk to talk about your future education.