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Information for Parents of the International School Groningen



School Information Evenings


Documentation handed out at the start of the school year can be found here.


For DP: click here


For MYP: click here




Absent from school? Leaving the school?


Please click here for more detailed information on our attendance policy.





Managebac is the external system we use to support student progress and inform parents.


Parents can find

  • copies of past reports
  • the most recent grades
  • ways to communicate with each other
  • overview of students planning


Managebac is 'work in progress' and not all staff are yet using all of its possibilities. Over the next school year there will however be substantial more use of this facility and we hope that you will have a much greater picture of what is happening at school.


We have set up a web page to explain more. This is part of the MYP website and can be found by clicking here!


If you have technical questions regarding the use of Managebac please email our help desk:


If you have a question about the content please contact your child's mentor or teacher (as appropriate).




Parents Support Group


Please see the special Parents' Support Group (PSG) page here