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Welcome to the alumni page of the International School Groningen, formerly known as Maartenscollege International School. By creating this page, 25 years after the foundation of the school, we hope to provide a meeting place for former students who attended the school at some time in the past and for those who are still here. A place to find out what happened to that class-mate who left the school before the end of the school year or that teacher who went abroad, a place to renew an old friendship or to make new friends, a place to share ideas, contacts and addresses. Together the students and teachers of the International School Groningen can jpoin others around the world to make a true world-wide network that can and should be beneficial and enjoyable for all its members.


So to all of you who at one time belonged to that special small school in the north of that special small country in Europe: if you haven’t already registered yourself, do so now by going to the IBO Alumni forum and let the school community know about your present whereabouts.


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