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The Management of the International School Groningen


The International School is managed by the Head of School and two Deputy Headteachers. The Head of School has overall responsibility for all school matters. The two Deputies have specific responsibility for each academic section of the school: the Diploma Programme and the Middle Years Programme. This includes student admissions and their subsequent academic and pastoral progress.
The Head of School reports directly to the Principal (Rector) of the Maartenscollege.


Drs. H. Boers
Acting Principal (Rector)

    * Integral responsibility for the Maartenscollege
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Mr. M.B. Weston
Head ISG

    * Integral responsibility for the International School
    * E-mail:


Ms. Simone Hartholt

(Acting) Teamleader
(Acting) Middle Years Programme (MYP) Deputy Head

    * E-mail:


Ms. Joke Jansma
Diploma Programme (DP) Deputy Head

    * E-mail:


The Governing Body (Bestuur):


The International School Groningen is a part of the Maartenscollege and therefore part of the Stichting Carmelcollege (NL).

The Stichting Carmelcollege links 14 secondary schools, spread over the whole of the Netherlands. Over its 50 separate locations Carmel schools offer a wide spectrum of education.


The governance of the Stichting Carmelcollege is led by a 'College van Bestuur', or governing body, which consists of:


Karin van Oort, chair

F.H. (Fridse) Mobach, member


Postal address:

Stichting Carmelcollege

Postbus 864

7550 AW HENGELO (Ov)


Visiting address:

Stichting Carmelcollege

Drienerparkweg 16

7552 EB  HENGELO (Ov)


Telephone: (+31) 0 74 - 245 55 55

Fax: (+31) 0 74 - 243 02 44




Teaching opportunities/vacancies within Carmel schools




IBAN: NL49RABO0154501840


KvK nr. 41027871