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A brief history of the school...

St. Maartenscollege was originally founded by the Jesuits in 1946. It happened at the request of the Roman Catholic community in Groningen and the Diocese of Utrecht, as there were no Catholic secondary schools in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands.

The school was built in Haren, just south of the city of Groningen. St. Martin was chosen as the patron saint because he was also the patron saint of the city of Groningen.

In the autumn of 1984 St. Maartenscollege International School was founded as a separate department of Maartenscollege, to provide education for international students living in the north of the Netherlands - with English as the language of instruction.

In 1992 St. Maartenscollege merged with two other schools to form 'Maartenscollege'.

At present the school has a population of approximately 1400 students and 170 staff. This includes the International section with a population of 180 students and 30 staff.

In 2005 the International School changed its name to the International School Groningen to forge a closer identity with the city of Groningen and to have a readily identifiable location for visitors from outside the area. The link with the Maartenscollege remains as strong as ever. The International School continues to work closely with its Dutch colleagues and our students enjoy numerous activities which allow integration within the Maartenscollege community.

The curriculum of the International School is based totally on the international curriculum from the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Students in the first five years, between 11 and 16 follow the Middle Years Programme and then can move onto the internationally acclaimed IB Diploma Programme (16-19 years).

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