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Just a few
Frequently Asked Questions…


These questions were compiled from questions handed in by parents, they are by no means comprehensive and we will endeavour to add to them as and when the need arises! We hope that you find them useful! There is much more information on the website, these are just specific points that are often asked!


Who is where?


The DP are generally taught in the Esserberg Villa, the 'DP Learning Centre', the MYP classes are taught in the 'D building', the MYP learning centre. Of course, the Dutch School, the Hemmenlaan, provides all the specialist accommodation, Art, Music, Technology, PE and, of course, the 'Mediatheek', or library.

Regarding school management, Mike Weston, the Head of School and Joke Jansma, Deputy Head (DP) are based in the Esserberg. Jacqueline Eschweiler, the Deputy Head (MYP), is based in the MYP learning centre.

Charlotte Howard and Henk Mulder (secretary/receptionist) are based in the Esserberg.

See contacts 


What do I do with my car?

When visiting the school (Rijkstraatweg 24, 9752AE) please park at the Esserberg Villa. There is usually space! When dropping off or collecting your sons/daughters, please do this by the gate. The Shell garage can also be used as a drop off/collection point, and the bus stop on the road. There is a safe crossing zone. The driveway is too narrow – especially with all the walking students!

Where does my son/daughter leave his or her bicycle?

Only one place: by the bicycle park at the back of the Hemmenlaan building. Here bikes are watched and covered by insurance. It remains open until 18.00 Elsewhere the bicycle may be removed by the local council (if outside school grounds) or the school caretakers.

Who should I contact?

Questions about academic concerns, issues in the class room – please email the mentor.
Questions about organisation, the daily affairs or reporting absence – phone or email the reception. 050 5340084 /
In emergency: 08.00 – 16.00: 050 5340084 and 16.00 – 17.30: 050 5375200.


What do I do if my child is sick?

Please phone the school before 8.15. Preferably, please provide a written note to when the child returns. Emails are acceptable, however please note that we may check these with you.


What do I do if my child needs to be away for a period of time (compassionate leave etc)?

Please request leave by completing the official request form available here


We are leaving! What next?


Please see the section: leaving the school.


When does the Esserberg / D & E building close?

On normal school days the buildings are locked at 17.00. Students must ensure that they have all their possessions with them at this time. Normally students are asked to leave the school within 30 minutes of their final lesson. Students waiting for public transport may, of course, remain until later.


The MYP common room (E building) will be locked at 16.00 every day, and at 15.00 on Friday.


What about school books?

All text and literature books are provided by the school. Students should have their own dictionaries (Dutch/English and French/English). Books belonging to the school should be covered with a protective layer and kept carefully. They should be named in the label in the front of the book. Books must be returned on departure and usually at the end of each school year. Books that are lost or returned damaged will be replaced by the school, however the cost of replacement will be made to parents.



What is Managebac?

Managebac is our on-line reporting and recording system. Specifically made for the IB MYP and DP it provides parents and students a way of checking assignments and looking at grades and reports. A login can be acquired from the school ( and help sheets are also available on the special Managebac site - click here



What about bullying?

The school does not tolerate bullying. If your child is a victim of bullying it is vital that he or she or you contact his or her mentor, or the school management. Then the school can take action to prevent further unhappiness. The anti-bullying policy is available on the website (click here)


What is the PSG?

The PSG is a support group of parents committed to improving the quality of student’s life at the school. They are volunteer parents who do everything to support the school outside of the classroom. They always need help and welcome all new members! Please see the website (section: Parents - PSG) for contact details and meeting dates/locations!