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Welcome to the International School Groningen.

The International School Groningen serves the needs of the International Community in the north of the Netherlands. Situated close to the city of Groningen the school is easily accessible by road and public transport.

Through the International Baccalaureate Organisation

the school provides high quality English language

education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating

environment to students aged from 11 to 18.



Latest news and information:

Date: 15-11-17
Film Night for MYP4&5

On Friday 24th of November the Mentors of MYP4 & 5 have organised a Movie Night.


C A N C E L L E D     C A N C E L L E D

Date: 17-10-17

We are proud to announce the Open Podium, on December 21st at the Biotoop! On this evening, students of Maartenscollege and ISG have the opportunity to shine on stage and show their talents. It is an unique experience to create something beautiful with other students.

You can audition for the Open Podium at Wednesday November 22nd, between 4 PM and 7 PM. Application forms are available at the music room (130).

So, if you dance, sing, play an instrument or have an other talent: we would love to see you at the auditions!

from the Music teachers!

Date: 16-10-17
Diploma Ceremony 2017

What a great evening was had by all at the class of 2017 DP2 Diploma Ceremony. Our apologies for the delay, but the photos have finaly been uploaded and can be viewed by click on the link below.

Date: 12-09-17
Lesson Times


1st hour                08:20 – 09:10

2nd hour               09:10 – 10:00

Break (20 mins)

3rd hour                10:20 – 11:10

4th hour                11:10 – 12:00

Break (30 mins)

5th hour                12:30 – 13:20

6th hour                13:20 – 14:10

Break (10 mins)

7th hour                14:20 – 15:10

8th hour                15:10 – 16:00

9th hour                16:00 – 16:50


Date: 12-09-17
Information Evening for Parents

During the last couple of weeks there were information evening for parents of MYP1-5 & DP1&2

If you were unable to attend, then please click on the links below for further information to see some of the information you missed.



General lntro parents eve. DP

summary of DP1 parent info eve

DP1 GUIDE 2017-18

Summary of DP2 parent info eve

DP2 GUIDE 2017-18





MYP2 - not yet available

MYP3 - not yet available




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